About Us

Expertise with Global Reach

Wareflix is brought to you by Engineered Efficiency, Inc. Since our founding in in 2001, we've been providing software training and consulting services to thousands of users in the AEC industry across the US, Canada and as far away as South Korea and Japan.

Diverse Training Methods

Since our inception, we've provided nearly every type of training there is, including typical classroom training, live remote training, video training and one-on-one mentoring. We've written books, whitepapers, certification exams, and developed courseware for major software vendors. We've hosted blogs, written software Help Files, and taught at industry seminars. You name it, we've likely done it!

Industry Experience

Engineered Efficiency is owned and managed by licensed professionals, each with more than 20 years of industry experience. Our instructors also come from industry and actively work on the design, modeling and drafting of real-world projects. They then bring their know-how to your desktop via the Wareflix system.


Wareflix is the result of our years of design experience, our broad training and consulting expertise, and in-depth feedback and requests from our customers in the AEC community. We hope you join us.